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Default Re: If Berto and Peterson had been tested under USADA

Originally Posted by purephase View Post
Your first paragraph implies he wants to be informed of the results to have sufficient time for a backup plan, yet your second paragraph suggests he wants to be able to manipulate results altogether. The second is far more of an extreme claim than the first.
Well what I meant was that his falling out with VADA was about them not disclosing positive tests without signed consent from the fighters. Because of this the Khan - Peterson date fell through and a loss was made. What we don't know is had Schaefer of been notified of the failed tests earlier, would they have been handled like the Morales tests and more or less swept under the carpet, or would a replacement fighter have been drafted in.

I was just speculating about his motives in my first paragraph, but having thought about it I'd say his motives are far more likely to be getting the test results in order to allow the fights to continue as planned and deal with the consequences after rather than getting replacement fighters.
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