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Default Re: Should Vitali end Haye's career?

Originally Posted by CHEF View Post
yeah man... im good. How are you my friend?

hoping things have calmed down with the lame ass posters...... the **** they were saying about my wife and daughters was wayyyyy over the line and ESB became a waste of time for me.........

BUT....... its nice to be back
Not tooooo bad cheers.

I had no clue that any of that stuff went on and that you'd left until some of the other posters mentioned it. So ****ed up. I don't know what's wrong with people. Glad it's died down now though. Is there nothing the mods could do?

It's like when you're all out drinking with friends, having a laugh and taking the **** out of each other, but there's that one guy who's not really joking and is actually taking the whole thing a bit seriously who ends up acting like a ***** and ruining it for everyone . . .
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