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Default Re: Should Vitali end Haye's career?

Originally Posted by shaunster101 View Post
Not tooooo bad cheers.

I had no clue that any of that stuff went on and that you'd left until some of the other posters mentioned it. So ****ed up. I don't know what's wrong with people. Glad it's died down now though. Is there nothing the mods could do?

It's like when you're all out drinking with friends, having a laugh and taking the **** out of each other, but there's that one guy who's not really joking and is actually taking the whole thing a bit seriously who ends up acting like a ***** and ruining it for everyone . . .
exactly. The mods did ban guys but im sure it was the same 4-5 guys who would just get a new name and start all over..... every post I made it was an attack and the PM's were out of controll.....**** with me? no problem, but my family is off limits and the only way to really stop it was to leave....

it kinda cool though... even guys I would disagree with or Klitschko haters were asking me to come back. Most guys on here are totally cool... but as you said... all it takes is 1-2 guys who ruin it for everyone
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