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Default Re: Jim Robinson and Sonny Liston - '1st-Round Knock-out Victims'

Dr. Alexander Zuntov,

Part I

Classical Logic and Complementary Variables

In September thru November 1964, Mr. Liston performed
approximately 125 Rounds of sparring, with large hard-hitting

* Amos Lincoln.........6' 2" - 205 lbs.
* James McCarter.....6' 2" - 222 lbs.
* Lee Williams..........6' 2" - 225 lbs.
* Don Smith.............6' 4" - 240 lbs.

While each of the above listed fighters did 'not' have the overall
boxing skills of Cassius Clay, each one was a harder puncher
based upon a 'single punch thrust', when using the energy-force

None of these 'sparring mates' were ever able to drop or hurt
Mr. Liston, despite landing numerous head blows, during 2-Months
and over 350-minutes of ring time with the 'man in question'.

Of course, Quantum Mechanics, of position and momentum
could not be evaluated in each sparring session, but it would
be a logical assumption that at least once Mr. Liston could
have been felled.

But he was not, a per conversations with all camp members,
sparring-mates and witnesses.

At that period in 1964, Mr. Liston may or may have not been the age
of 34, but could have eaily been the age of 37+.

Irregardless, the landing of a single-blow on this 6' 1" 220 lb. man
would have to be of tremendous force, just to fell him, based upon his
previous history.
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