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Default Re: So what evolutions do you expect to see in MMA?

The main thing depends on the rule set and if that changes at all. Look at the difference in UFC vs. Pride fighters. They trained for different environments and rule sets and you saw things in Pride that were effective that you didn't see in the UFC.

Also, I think the "average" fighter will be able to transition more seemlessly because they are able to train stand up and grappling from the beginning.

I still think the person who said a specialist will have the advantage. It has always been that way. BJJ guys had the advantage because people didn't understand the ground. Then the wrestlers took over with their takedown ability and ground and pound. Strikers started to dominate again when they learned basic ground skills and takedown defenses. Now, it's who is the best at implementing their game plan.

For example, first Couture v. Liddell he took him down and pounded him out. Fights 2 and 3, Couture didn't get the takedown and chose to stand and trade with Liddell and lost both fights. This is where the specialization will matter, then it is a rock, paper, scissors match of which specialization will beat the other.
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