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Default Re: Jim Robinson and Sonny Liston - '1st-Round Knock-out Victims'

Dr. Alexander Zuntov,

We could check the punching power of Cassius Clay, but that would be a
solid waste of time, because it was obvious, 'he didn't punch that hard'.

In bouts before Sonny Liston, and after Sonny Liston, Mr. Clay did not exhibit
one-punch power, especially while moving to his right and throwing a punch.

And, in his sparring sessions, he was not flooring his sparring-mates, even when
hitting them flush with right-hands, both in October-November 1964 and April-May 1965.

In the 'matter of motion, space and time', the force that Mr. Clay exhibited in
the punch to floor Mr. Liston would have not been able to floor a man of
Mr. Listons's capabilities.

If this were true, about this 'Phantom Punch', Mr. Liston would have been knocked
out immediately, meaning he would have fallen face first to the canvas without
attempting to break the fall with his hands.

The formula for this is simple, and Mr. Liston was 'not' knocked out from the punch,
because of his arm reaction, as well as his looking to the left side when he fell.

Mr. Liston while falling, extended his right arm out full-length to help break his fall,
while looking to his left.

Mr. Liston, showed all the signs of a person 'acting' to be felled from a punch, as we
have tested that theory many tilmes.

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