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Default Re: Carlos Ortiz interviews

Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post
It's very biased, a lot of the 'opinion' stuff I didn't agree with. The stats make it a worthy read.

Why the **** you'd lend that out I don't know. Shank that person for losing it, smash 'em to bits.
I'm soft that way plus I really trusted the kid I lent it to, he's a good mate. He paid me back for losing it in the end after I'd given him a verbal fist**** in front of everyone and hadn't spoken to him for a month.

Ortiz comes across as a bit of a tool then does he? I read something about him laying out a plan for beating Mayweather, which I suspect he would've been able to do.

Edit: Tbh, he could be as much of a tool as he likes. I still enjoy watching him as much as anyone I've ever watched.
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