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Default Re: What would all of the bull****ters hating on Ricky Burns have said if...

Originally Posted by MichiganWarrior View Post
There's a key difference between Broner and Mayweather people are missing. The left hook. Reason why Mayweather doesnt have many impressive ko'd is because he's never sat on the left hook. Broner does. Its his best punch. He leans back waits for you to commit plants and throws that left hook. Had Demarcos face swelling after the first one landed. I feel Broner still has to develop his right hand lead and his jab. But that left hook boy. Dont see anyone at 135 handling that.
Between this Broner and current Floyd, I agree. Mayweather had a brilliant left hook right up to and including the JMM fight.

The lack of a jab or a lead counter is what allows Burns the chance to establish his jab and give himself a base to build from. You must see that?

(And thanks, you're the first guy to counter a technical debate with me here.)
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