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Default Re: Kessler and Froch fans are pathetic!!

Originally Posted by Loudon View Post
I'm sure that you could find other examples too. I'm talking about overall.

Look at the top 10-20 fighters in the World across all of the divisions.

Go and have a look who their promoters are.

Go and have a look where they are based.

Go and have a look where they fight.

Go and look what network they fight on.

Of course they'll be a few exceptions, but the majority of the fighters will be based in America, fighting for Arum and Oscar, on HBO and Showtime etc.
And what has gigapurses belonging to Floyd, Oscar etc. To do with Wards situation?


Kessler can make big money back home. But he's not a big name outside of Europe. If Andre keeps progressing, I'm sure he'll be making as much as, or more than Kessler in the near future. He's only 28.
Yes. Probably.

I know that. You've misunderstood me. I meant if Matchroom had've hosted the tournament, and the final was in England, they would have gone out of their way to try and get Carl hometown advantage. I'm sure Carl would have snatched it with both hands too.
Stating the obvious.


John Scully and everyone else must have thought so too, otherwise they wouldn't have signed.

And not because they themselves stood to earn a fortune? Are you serious?

If Scully and the rest of Dawsons team cared about the fighter and not the money, they'd have pulled out of the fight when Dawson was flattened by Miranda. Think about it. If you get KO'ed in a fight you get a ban from contact sparring let alone fight for at least 3 months to ensure your brain heals. In sparring its up to the teams discretion. They risked a fatality by sending Dawson in!

Money talks.


I'm sure if Shaw had've known the trouble that Chad would have had to endure, he wouldn't have gone for it. Shaw's not an idiot.
Maybe not, but he is a terrible promotor and he likes money a lot.

They wouldn't have known that when the fight was first signed.
Correct, but you believed them during Camp. They said weightloss moved according to plan, and you bought it. No big deal. You where not the only one.

Nobody could know for certain. Losing weight affects some fighters more than others.
I cannot come up with a single example where weightloss of this magnitude didnt have disastrous consequences so feel free to educate me.

I'm confident Andre will move up soon, and I think they will rematch. Might be in 2 years though.

Regards, Loudon.
Who knows? LHW sucks and he has a win over the best. He might move up to avoid a Kessler fight in Denmark though.
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