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Default Re: I cannot even do 1 pull up. What muscles should I train to improve this?

Originally Posted by MAG1965 View Post
I have a question. How much do you weigh compared to many years ago and what body type do you have. I used to be thin,, and I could do pull ups.. Then I gained weight and tried it and it was very difficult since I never had to lift the body weight I have now, which was totally different. I can do push ups, but pull ups are hard. It could have to do you gaining more weight since when you were young and just building up slowly. Maybe instead of pull ups you do that where you hang there for awhile and then that will build it up. I think my comment might be sort of idiotic. Thought I would type it anyway.
I currently weigh 12.8 stone, not sure of that in lbs. But I used to be 16 stone of pretty much all fat and little muscle. But now I've lost the weight, I need to build up my strength. I want to get down to 12 stone, maybe 11.5 if I can. I still have a little loose skin that needs shifting.
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