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Default Re: Kessler and Froch fans are pathetic!!

And what has gigapurses belonging to Floyd, Oscar etc. To do with Wards situation?
The point is, America is the home of boxing, and Andre doesn't have to travel. It would be nice if he did, but he doesn't have to. At the moment Andre isn't making huge money, but he will do soon.

And not because they themselves stood to earn a fortune? Are you serious?
Are they that desperate for money, that they'd put Chad in a situation like that? Have you read Iceman John Scully's comments. He's a member on here, and hemadesome very interesting comments. I don't know John personally, but I've read a lot of his posts, and seen countless interviews and articles on him over the years. I don't think it's a straightforward as what you think.

If Scully and the rest of Dawsons team cared about the fighter and not the money, they'd have pulled out of the fight when Dawson was flattened by Miranda. Think about it. If you get KO'ed in a fight you get a ban from contact sparring let alone fight for at least 3 months to ensure your brain heals. In sparring its up to the teams discretion. They risked a fatality by sending Dawson in!
Was it a knockdown? Or was he out cold?

Correct, but you believed them during Camp. They said weight loss moved according to plan, and you bought it. No big deal. You where not the only one.
I bought it on Dawson's confidence, and I don't think Shaw would sell him out, and put him in a dangerous position to make a quick buck. It wouldn't make sense for him to do that.

I cannot come up with a single example where weight loss of this magnitude didnt have disastrous consequences so feel free to educate me.
I'm no expert, but when I made a case for Roy, I got all sorts of names thrown at me.

Who knows? LHW sucks and he has a win over the best. He might move up to avoid a Kessler fight in Denmark though.
If he does move up, it will be for a new challenge.

Regards, Loudon
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