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Default Re: Kessler and Froch fans are pathetic!!

Originally Posted by Smokin' Joe View Post
You honestly think Ward would lose to Froch in the UK? Seriously?

There's a lot of people here who clearly don't realise how good Ward is. He's virtually the complete package. Froch cannot box Ward, he just doesn't have the talent required, but not many do. All he can do is try to rough him up, but when he tried that in the first fight he got it back two fold. He said himself afterwards that Ward was far stronger than he thought. Add to that Ward's speed advantage, superior technique, ring IQ, tactical awareness, footwork..

A lucky punch aside, Froch cannot beat Ward. They could fight in Froch's living room with Rachel beating Andre over the head with her handbag and the outcome still wouldn't be any different.

If you call yourself a boxing fan, let the bitterness and jealousy go and appreciate Ward's talent while it's here.
Look Joe, boxing through the history of the sport throws up fighters who were expected to win BUT lost. Froch unlike most after a defeat moved on and has beaten 2 credible opponents ( notice the word CREDIBLE ). What Ward did was beat Chad Dawson who had to come down in weight and a guy who has beaten past thier prime fighters, I for one never saw the point of Ward vs Dawson fight at Wards wieght.
Maybe if you looked around a little you will see I think Ward will be P4P#1 for quite some time. Do I think he is a slick fighter...NO, he is a smotherer which is fine whatever gets you the win within the rules. Do I think if Ward came to the UK next year to fight Froch would Ward lose? and I will say YES. Ward has never fought in a hostile enviroment and Froch will eek out the win IMO.. You do remember this is a FORUM and we will not all have the same opinion.
And one last bit of advice..STOP trolling to try and cause arguments... You have an opinion and so do others it does not make either one wrong..
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