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Default Re: Green v Cameron odds#2

Originally Posted by left jab danny View Post
The ref was terrible had no control and IMO was to old to be refing a title fight
But in saying that i was loving the fact he just let them wrestle because i was on the decision and it was chewing up valuable seconds so from that perspective i was glad but it looked terrible at times.
It turned out to be a great tactic by Danny l because he couldn't move around the ring as well as he would of liked because Shane broke his rib in rd 1.
It was a pretty entertaining fight and the crowd was right into it and the kiwis were really vocal so the atmosphere was 10 out of 10.
As for what he'll do t i didn't ask him but i hope he retires on a winning note and i think he knows it would be the perfect time to retire but he just can't bring himself to say it yet.
I remember that cracking rip to the ribs early on. Not surprised it did some damage.

Surely the time is right for Danny Green to hang them up? He just did not have the snap he's had most of his career last night.
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