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Default Re: What would all of the bull****ters hating on Ricky Burns have said if...

Originally Posted by assasin View Post
floyd would of got full credit for beating hatton if it weren't for cortez. the size didn't come in to it. well, not for me any way.

cortez did stop ricky from fighting his fight, that is legit. he's an inside fighter, not an outside one. he was never going to be successful with that going on.
No thats not infighting. Thats Holding and Hitting. Not allowed in boxing.

Originally Posted by assasin View Post
go and watch the castillo fight in which cortez refs... see the huge difference? he allows hatton to fight in that one.
Different fight. Castillo stood in front of Hatton the whole time. So Hatton didn't have to use that holding and hitting he likes so much.

Floyd on the other hand didn't stay in front of him and nullified Hattons holding by holding Hatton back on the inside. Hatton out of frustration started to hold and hit more and more througout the course of the fight. Which Cortez noticed. Cortez did the right thing.
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