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Default Re: Why are people complaining? Broner over Froch, it's simple.

Originally Posted by dealt_with View Post
you're exactly right. Froch has never moved weight divisions either so he's not exactly p4p material when he's probably around 4th in his own weight division.
Johnson is still fighting and has beaten better fighters than froch as well as losing to better names than anyone froch's lost to. Froch fanboys think he deserves credit just for fighting tough comp (which was his duty as part of the super six), he couldn't even beat half of his super six competitors. Ward, kessler and dirrell (should've) beat him so how anyone can have him anywhere near a p4p list is beyond me. He's not elite and he'll always lose against top fighters, just because bute was hyped up doesn't make that a good win. Andrade had already cracked that chin in canada and everybody who was paying attention knew that bute was a fraud. It's amazing what hype can do for a fighter, doesn't matter what happens in the ring... Froch is tough and determined, that doesn't put you on a p4p list. Ward showed us where froch stands as a 'skilled' boxer.
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