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Default Re: Masters over 35 boxing in Australia

Originally Posted by ecto55 View Post
Yep, they're missing all right.

Shame, I came very late to that party- any later and I would have missed it all entirely!

As for 'the Lion' eating them up- mabye?

I guess we'll never know.But I had just assumed that when 'the Lion' roared, you shat yourself and did what you were told to save your skin...and asked the Mod's to delete the threads??

Say it ain't so!!
Yes your right me & about 5 other guys were bagging the lion we are apparently one guy who created all the accounts because we are jealous of the great lion who defeated his world class sparring partner for a world title in a 4 round fight. When I was exposed as the flea on the lion I shat myself, I am no match for a 55kg 45 year old man.
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