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Default Re: Ayala vs. Roldan

Originally Posted by redrooster View Post
But it wasnt Hagler who messed him up. Physically he was at his peak

Hearns messed up cuz he kept moving around wt classes. He looked great until he moved down & messed with Medal who was as weak a challenger u could find

Tommy looked drained & tired early. after that he never regained his form. it happens to fighters a lot. Same with Roy Jones
yeah I see your point. He did go up and down, but he did fight Andries and Hill pretty well, but he was not the same on his legs as he was before I agree. Tommy did not have the same quickness as before Hagler which I am not sure was because of Hagler or like you say moving up an down so much. He fought here at 154 in June and in March of 1987 he fought at light heavyweight and won that title.

But yeah he lost something. He was more prone to brawl after Hagler because his speed was not there as much so he had to struggle to land the same punches. Medal was an ok fighter, obviously not in Hearns class, but they were trying to find an opponent for that triple hitter card and Medal came up. Who had been an IBF champion before and fought a good fight with Santos. It had been hot and I think Hearns almost had Medal out of there in round one and he decided to slow down and pick him apart and it was a boring fight but he won it by stoppage in I think 8 rounds right? I have to go look at the results.

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