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Default Re: Kessler and Froch fans are pathetic!!

Originally Posted by Smokin' Joe View Post
He tried to walk Ward down and outmuscle him in the first fight when he realised he couldn't box him. I already explained this to you. Ward is just as physically strong as Froch, and Froch said that himself. He's not going to out brawl him and just blow through him. I never mentioned anything about Froch having technical skills. I asked for a technical breakdown of how Froch can beat Ward. Completely different thing.
What part of Froch does not need to do anything technical do you not understand???
Tell me what did Ward do that was TECHNICAL in the Froch fight?? All I saw was him shortening the range of Froch and Clinching.. HARDLY Technical..
Reminds me of another fighter who has not changed his technical ability and is still yet to get a win from 3 fights... But he did really.. ****ing AMERICAN judging
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