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Default Re: did angelo dundee know how to box????

Originally Posted by MagnaNasakki View Post I boxed for Angie's 5th St. Amateur team in the mid '50s, 'n I'd had countless great trainers since the early '40s at Stillman's in N.Y., 'n Ang was terrific. He was terrific because he knew instinctively how to get the best from each fighter. He didn't do it by the numbers and cheer lead.

We'da followed him barefoot over broken glass.

We not only wanted to win but we wanted to win for him. The trips back to Miami after a team win are still euphoric memories. Our team was tight.

Not only was he able to look after Cassius Clay, Pastrano and all the first-rate talent coming from Cuba, he was hands on with his amateur team (knew all our names) pointing out everything we needed to fix 'n how to do it.

He was like a great jockey that knew how ta guide us down the home stretch, with just a touch on the shoulder or a look in the eye, like Whitey Bimstein or Freddie Brown.

He didn't grandstand elaborate instructions between rounds for TV or gym rats to ****yze. Sure, he exhorted a fighter, but his real instruction might have been a touch on the right shoulder, meaning it was finally time to throw the lead right to the body.

When it worked, and the man caved, It was like hitting LOTTO.

So for me Angie was a terrific trainer, not a cheerleader or a towel carrier left to have his between rounds advice second guessed by websters who wanna hear it communicated the way they wanna hear it.
-John Garfield

Sounds like he was pretty hands on to me.

Almost nobody "produces" the fighters they take to the top nowadays. I didn't turn pro with the guys who raised me in the beginning. Somebody else taught Manny Pacquiao to box. Floyd spent NO time with his uncle until his father went to prison. They all got better, and won titles under other guys.

Hell, I'm glad I separated from my amateur team. They took me as far as they could. Pro trainers took me further.

ahh some pro trainers produce fighters
like emauel stewart, with tommy hearns and kenty(light weight champ)
and not to mention, rebuilding the career of wlad kitschko

also taking a decent amateur and going to a pro trainer who further develops him is a little different then a trainer cherry picking the top talent like ali or leonard

and about pacman, come you can clearly see that roach improved him and by the way again comes this point
you can see roach giving detailed advice on things like distance,angles, etc
not only does he do this in the corner but also when talking about fights and fighters
and doing very well schooled pad work

doing or saying stuff like i mentioned about roach???
before you compare him to guys like freddie brown

instead of giving celebrity statements


listen to dundee's commetary in this fight
"these guys should throw more shots"
they are talented etc
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