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Default Re: George Foreman best bareknuckle fighter ever ?

Originally Posted by rusak View Post
This is what I'm talking about - this mythologizing of Foreman's power. It's a load of ****. Briggs went 12 rounds with Foreman, got stopped by Lewis in 5, but Foreman hit harder, OK. "Foreman didn't knock me down but I thought he knocked all my teeth out." Holyfield should shut his mouth and pay his child support.
I suppose using that logic James Toney hit harder than Foreman too because he floored and stopped Holyfield and George couldn't.

For ****s sake Foreman was near 50 when he fought Briggs and still Briggs backed away from George for most of the fight and was extremely reluctant to mix it up.

Briggs went right after Lewis and was stopped by exhaustion as much as Lewis' power. And if Holyfield reckons George hit him the hardest then who the **** are you to argue?

The evidence is all there.

George hit hard and was bloody powerful,his record shows that, his opponents all say that and anyone with two working eyes and a rational mind can see that . It ain't mythologizing if it's true. I don't see why you have such an issue accepting this.
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