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Default Re: Foreman struggling with Peralta leaves me unsatisfied

Yes George struggled a lot here, but as other have said virtually every elite boxer struggles against someone at some point in their ascent. Marciano had Lowry, who for all his quirky ability and survival skills wasn't as credentialed as Peralta. And I think Dempsey's repeated struggles with Willie Meehan are far more damning than Foreman-Peralta if you're going to look at it like that. Throw in Ali vs Jones and Sonny Banks, or Floyd Patterson against Maxim. Those fights are important learning experiences.

The important thing is that Foreman learned his lesson, improved, and then beat Peralta far more decisively and went on to score amazing victories which are more indicative of his historical standing.

And if we're going to tarnish champs based on struggles why not mention Holmes' scare against Witherspoon. In my opinion that fight is more of an indictment on Holmes than Foreman-Peralta, since Holmes was supposed to be within fight or two of his prime, though some will manipulate that timeline to suit their agenda. The bottom line: I don't remember Foreman getting badly rocked while struggling to a controversial decision over a novice with 15/16 fights when he was in his prime.
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