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Default Re: David Haye trashers, would you fight a round with him?

Originally Posted by Geddy Lee View Post
i dont think you would last a round if he went for you from the off, you would not be able to take a punch off him,

a true story when i boxed and trained, there ws this lad who was the best in the gym, about 14stone fast hard as ****, won about 30 amatuer fights, a boxer came to the gym(was a friend of one of the lads there) who was training with the olympics team, and he was telling us about how good robin reid was and how Reid ****ed him over in a round, and he said he only lasted a round with him, the hard big lad asked him if he wanted to spar with him, he was about 3 stone lighter and it only went one round, the hard guy did not want anymore of him,

so if he could do this to him, say he is about the same level as you, pretty good and hard and about 30 good amatuer wins and someone 3 stone lighter ****ed him in a round, what would Robin Reid have done to him? and Reid was only a amatuer then, so what would a world champion do?

NO way would you last a round, honestly Mate, i hate to say it but you would not last a round with Amir Khan, let alone Haye
now thats just blatant bating of me,*******

and haye would not go to me from the off,he would be wary of me at 1st,a 5.8 wide shoulded 42y old who looks a tad like oddjob when in a suit,coming at him ,he would be blinded by me(id blow sand in his face)the nwhen he got his eyesight back he would spark me,but id last a round
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