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Default Re: I cannot even do 1 pull up. What muscles should I train to improve this?

Originally Posted by Emeritus View Post
If you struggle to do pull ups try using a chair to help you so kneel on a chair and start from the top and slowly lower yourself slowly down until your arms are extended and you are not being supported by the chair.

Then get back on the chair and start at the top and repeat and keep doing these until you build up enough strength to complete one pull up on your own. Body weight exercises can be quite difficult dependent on your shape/weight/size so dont get disheartened because you see other people can do more than you.

Stick with it......pull ups will give you some very good benefits in terms of strength and improve your appearance to

I started trying to do pull ups around age 17 and couldnt do one even though i had been lifting weights for a couple years already. I did sets of pull ups like this for 2 or 3 seperate work out sessions and when i tried doing an actual pull up on the 3rd or 4th session i had no problem. I didn't expect to be able to acually do them and was shocked at how quickly i progressed.

Get a chair so you start at the top then just lower yourself slowly until your arms are fully extended, do each rep like that as the guy above describes. After a few seperate sessions doing these you should be able to do normal pull ups.
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