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Default Re: How highly do you rank Roberto Duran as a welterweight?

Originally Posted by Senya13 View Post
The thing about DeJesus was in that even a prime Duran could be caught and put down, his defense had enough flaws and his chin was solid, but not to the point where he could take it from the hardest hitters of welterweight division. To think that only two persons in history had the power and the skills to deliver it is silly.

You want info? Sorry, but I've been putting hundreds of hours just retyping things for my s****-books on old-timers, not to mention the thousands of hours I've spent searching and saving the clippings. I'm only giving out a sample of what I have.

P.S. Many other historians do the same thing, collecting the clippings in s****-books, I'm not trying to be special in this regard. The thing that saddens me, though, that when it comes to IBRO journal, for example, they mostly only want to share the NY Times articles, like that newspaper is the only one out there.
Hey, I understand. But whatever you can share, please do.
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