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Default Re: Tell me an exercise to replace roadwork

Originally Posted by cambay411 View Post
Sprints are neccessary too. And boxing is anarobic as well as aerobic. And the anerobic part of boxing is even more reasons to jog and jog far and sprint while your jogging. When you go serious rounds 8 plus rounds, whether it just be intense sparring or a fight your areobic work it far excedes that of just a 3-5 mile run. Jogging an easy 3 miles is no where near going to get you in shape to go 10 rounds with someone who can take you to your limits.

A 3 minute round with someone who can push you like that is the equivelnt to a 3 minute intense jog sprinting about every 10 seconds or so. 10 rounds times 3 minutes is 30 minutes which would be around 40 or 5 miles. And considering when your just jogging your very relaxed you better run the extra few miles to make up for it. That a mandatory 5-7 miles AT LEAST........

And its not just during certain parts of camps. Maybe it is for a fighter thats not gonna reach his potential who stays outta shape unless hes in camp. Fighters like Ali and Floyd stay in shape year round, all the greatest fighters stayed in shape year round. Boys like this are ready to be pushed to there limit for 12 rounds everyday of there lives.

And trust me I can run 20 miles everyday if I wanted. Running is what seperates the men from the boys sun.
Ok so Nonito Donaire is a boy then?Or Katsidis?
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