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Default Re: Michael Watson vs Iran Barkley

Originally Posted by AREA 53 View Post
Ive always fancied Watson in this match-up, It would i feel be a similar Blueprint to that Mike employed with Nigel Benn, Iran was not as fast into the attack as Nigel, his hands a lot slower, and his shots more roundhouse-wild, so Mike would find Iran much more easier to Anticipate map and counter, James Toney did it beautifully, but was more flexible that Mike, Mike is more upright so would be relying on his high guard blocking more that actually making Iran miss as Toney did, Iran would keep pegging away where the young inexperienced Benn blew himself out and mentally folded, and he did have a good Jab when he used it so would be in contention, but Mike, i feel, once he gets past the dangerous first half, will read and counter Iran with ever increasing vigor, in the last third, Iran would i feel, eyes swollen, perhaps one closed, be walking into Mike's educated Counters, A compassionate Ref may wait for an ever increasing Watson rally to wave it off, Iran Brave Beaten and unbowed, saved from his own valour and a Watson fully in the Driving seat..Circa 10th
I just dont think you can keep slowly "Ambling" forward into the Classy Watson counters without paying a price further down the road.
Watson wasnt of the same quality of technical boxing as graham, mccallum and kalambay.That said his career was ended early and perhaps like his rival Benn he would have improved drastically.

I certainly dont think Watson could do what Kalambay did to Iran and i thibk people underestimate brakleys boxing skills. He had good movement and could box when he had to.
I think a mix of barkleys pressure and boxing beats Watson over pts
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