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Default Re: Kessler and Froch fans are pathetic!!

That's some odd logic. Ward should not fight abroad because he will be rich in the future.
What's your logic? You want him to fly to Denmark and England to fight guys he's beaten easily? I didn't say he shouldn't fight abroad. I said at the moment, he doesn't need to. It would be nice if he fought Carl in England, but he's just outclassed him, less than a year ago.

I know about Scully and he is very respected. Also by me. Not for though. He basically said that if the fighter said he felt great he was not the one to stop him. In other words he would not protect the fighter from himself.
Scully came on here just after the fight, and he said something happened half way through camp, but he couldn't divulge what it was. He wasn't referring to Miranda I don't think, I'll have to read it again. I'd love to know what happened.

Depends on who you believe. Scully or team Miranda and the others present.
Yes, there's different stories around. It'll come out at some point.

What could he do? Had the fight not gone ahead, Dawson would have been a laughingstock in the industry.
Lots of fights have been cancelled late on. If he was that bad, they could have made an injury up. His career and his health was at stake as well as Shaw's investment.

So can't think of any. Thank you. Case dismissed.
What are you asking me for? 7 pounds exactly? or fighters going from 175 to 168? I agree with you. It's hard, and I know Roy went through hell. But the fight was seen as an even fight on the assumption that Chad wasn't drained. Obviously it was a big assumption. But if, he could have made the weight with no problems, it had the potential to be a good fight, based on styles. I appreciate it was a big if. Like I say, when Chad was oozing confidence in interviews and Shaw didn't kick up a fuss, I thought we were going to get a good fight. Let's just hope Chad rebuilds himself, and Andre rematches him, if he moves up.

Yeah. But who? LHW sucks. SMW blossoms and is littered with big earners.
Fair point, but does he seek a new challenge, or fight guys that he's beaten already? The Super Six is over, he won easily, will he be motivated to fight these rematches?

Regards, Loudon.

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