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Default Re: Kessler and Froch fans are pathetic!!

Alright Loudon,

Some great posting going on nice work. I have to agree with you especially on your last point regarding Ward going up to 175.

TheBATMAN is wrong 168 is not blossoming apart from the emergence of Groves, with Ward fighting relics from a previous era. He'd be better going up to 175 because it is a different game. He'll be fighter bigger guys who might come in at fight night at 185lbs.

He is known to be a soft puncher so it will take all of his skill to win his matches. I still believe the Dawson fight was a joke even if Chad agreed to it because he was a drained zombie at 168.

At 175 Ward can fight the real Dawson, cleverly and Hopkins all of whom would pose a much greater threat than Pavlik a fighter who as you know I've never rated. Due to age I'd pick Ward over BHop but Cleverly's work rate and Dawson's ability at a comfortable weight would be a great challenge for Ward and will help him cement his legacy.

If he challenges for Cleverly's title it would have to be in the UK if he didn't hold a belt but if he won Dawson's belt first then the fight should be in Vegas or Atlantic city. So to conclude I think there's not much left for Ward at 168 and if he wants to enter the HOF or be an ATG he needs to get up to 175 and even if it's a weaker 175 era than times past he'd still get recognition from many including me for stepping up to an uncomfortable weightclass and challenging the best
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