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Default Re: What would all of the bull*****ers hating on Ricky Burns have said if...

Originally Posted by PityTheFool View Post
That's not the point I'm making Rico,we all know Vegas is where it's at and want Ricky to go over.My point is that there's been an onslaught of hate for Burns since Saturday and it's a double standard to say it's OK for Broner to say it but Ricky would be accused of ducking had he said it.
You know that it's true and I'd be shocked if you think that's ok.
I've not really spotted the hate -- as I've not been in the General that much since that win -- but I'm not surprised to hear that's the case. And I have a good idea which posters are directing that hate towards him, seeing as though they've been doing it long before Broner won on Saturday.

But I get your point. I'd disagree with those that say Burns is "ducking". That's just silly. No doubt Frank, understandably, would first attempt to get Broner to come here -- as he'd want every advantage for his fighter -- but that in no way will automatically mean he's ducking him, because I expect Burns to eventually go over there and face him.

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