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Default Re: What would all of the bull*****ers hating on Ricky Burns have said if...

Originally Posted by dendy View Post
I agree with most of your points but can't help but feel you are missing the point of what is being said.
I probably am . I've not read any of the comments and have jumped straight in. My bad.

Originally Posted by dendy View Post
Burns hasn't said there is no way he would travel unlike broner who has immediately stated he wouldn't. Yes, broner is in the healthiest position but it still doesn't mean burns has to be his *****. Burns will travel if the money is right and he is given the respect he deserves as a champion. Broner will not even entertain travelling, this in it's self is a huge difference in attitudes and is a double standard. Especially when you take into account they have both got a lot to loose. Ricky is a well supported world class operator and although beating broner is a big ask it is double standards to suggest broner deserves all the protection.
Yeah, I agree with you. Although I'm not too bothered with Broner saying "I'm not travelling". I kinda' expect him to have that attitude. He's in a superior position, after all. And it's not like he's saying Burns must agree to a **** deal. He's just saying Burns has to come to the States - which, again, is a fair request. And Burns himself, no doubt, would happily do that.
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