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Default Re: What if Tyson beat Douglas?

Originally Posted by Porgeous Porge View Post
I have read lots of opinions, many have already covered things i wanted to say, Funny Man on page 1 and Magna have pretty much covered a good portion of what im thinking thought they put it better than i probably could

also say he gets past Holyfield the era he cleaned out was not as tough as the next era he was coming into

Guys like Bowe, Lennox, Foreman, Mercer, Morrisson, Moorer, McCall, Cooper, Botha, Schulz, etc wont list them all though i know i missed a few i know Tyson is great and probably h2h is favored over most but could he beat them all, i mean the life style the constant competition would have to catch up

Also on a side not of those guys i listed who would challenge or win belts in the 90's how come Tyson never got in the ring with a good deal of them? Was it prison was it missed opportunities
Moorers IBF title was next after Tyson was to beat Holyfield. However that never hapenned and it was Holy who fought Moorer.

King did have a fight plan set up for Tyson after he beats Holyfield, guys like Mcall, Morrison, Briggs and Foreman were on there. But after Tyson lost to Holy, King and Tyson went seperate ways. Tyson went with Shelly Finkel, who did a worse job than King ever did.

Tyson and Bowe refused to fight each other

Tyson and Mercer were meant to fight in 2001-2002 but Lewis was threatening retirement and Tyson needed the payday so he skipped Mercer and went with lewis instead
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