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Default Re: How were old timers so good?

Originally Posted by kingfisher3
modern boxers should generally be stronger, but adding muscle sacrifices speed so you cant be stronger and faster, less skilled is more subjective, there are less highly skilled fighters than at most points in boxing history, but floyd and ward are close to the best in their styles

quote, someone else
'You develop fast twitch fibres through heavy weight training and add in plyometrics and you will get faster, that's a fact. Muscle doesn't equate to strength. You can be stronger and faster, that's what every athlete in the world lifts weights for. Speed is a function of neuromuscular recruitment ability and tendon stiffness, things that are improved by weight training. Get your head out of your **** and the 1920's, the old myths about weight training should be well and truly dead at this point.'

from the general forum, any truth to this?
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