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Default Re: Kessler and Froch fans are pathetic!!

Originally Posted by TI99/4A View Post
That sounds like the kind of thing your average conservative politician says shortly before they find his porn dungeon.

Keep on believing, dude!
Show proof of your allegation or shut the **** up simp...Its seriously not that hard...Your lame attempt at being funny will not cut it!

You seriously think these guys would risk their job to make sure Ward will win???...What were they really trying to accomplish with that???...Ward was not nearly as big as he is today as to when the S6 started.

Like I said, you dont have a leg to stand on and you cant be that ****ing dumb to think these guys rigged the tournament for Ward to win.

You're honestly taking stupidity to a new level...This has to be one of the dumbest excuses I ever heard...You're pretty much proving the Thread starter points with your pathetic excuse.

Get real fanboy
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