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Default Re: Juan Manuel Marquez looking like a beast . . .

Originally Posted by shaunster101 View Post
Standard boxing testing is worthless and will only catch a) people who **** up their cycle b) people using things like diuretics to cut weight before the weigh in c) people who use recreational drugs. This is why there is a call for much better testing in boxing, because as it is it's nothing more than a token gesture.

For the 3rd fight against Pacquiao, Marquez hired a new S&C coach. This coach then turned out to be a self confessed PED expert and dealer who has provided drugs to some of the biggest athletes in sport. In fact, he only avoided prison because he turned witness and testified against people he'd worked with.

Here's an interview with the guy, makes interesting reading:
Cheers for that mate.

Shocking article, he seems clear that EVERY top athlete is some how on drugs?!

Surely it can't all be that bad?

Just where do we go from here, no records or achievements are valid if what he says is true.

I've followed the Lance Armstrong thing and have been so disappointed that the man who I followed and cheered on was a complete fraud.

I'd assumed he was the worst it could be, but he may just be the tip of the iceberg.
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