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Default Re: Kessler and Froch fans are pathetic!!

Originally Posted by MAJR View Post
Seriously man, you know nothing of my opinion of Ward if your acusing me of being "another butthurt fanboy".

I freely admit that Ward's the best fighter in his division and beat Kessler and Froch fair and that neither man is worthy of a rematch with him right now - I've said both have to earn it by beating credible opposition within the division over the next year or so and inevitably fighting each other for the right to the rematch - and I even expect Ward to beat either of them if they ever did rematch him.

Maybe you should actually look into my post history next time.

My point was the same as shaunster101 - though he was more elegant in putting it forward - that the only point Ward's remaining critics continue to use against him is the stay-at-home thing so I see no reason in the future why Ward shouldn't go and beat whoever rises to top out of Kessler and Froch in their backyard to shut up the last of his critics, he's good enough to do it so I dont get why people are saying he shouldn't.

That and I feel it hypocritical to say that any potential challenger to Ward has got to take the title from the champion's turf when Ward never did himself - this does not mean I think his victories over Kessler or Froch any less legitimate or deserved.

My point is why is Ward being criticized for being a stay at home fighter? DLH NEVER left the USA. Mayweather has NEVER left the USA. RJJ when he was relevant and not old and battered, NEVER left the USA. Ward dominates three Euro's in en route to winning the S6, so now travel is an issue? Ward doesn't have to and shouldn't go beat up Kessler and/or Froch a second time just because some butthurt whiny ass fanboys want him to.

Cotto has a ton of fans, how come they aren't asking for a second fight with Floyd in PR? Were Hatton's fans demanding Manny come to the UK and fight him again? The answer is because nobody wants to see a replay of what they already saw, it serves NO PURPOSE. Could Cotto and Hatton do better, sure they could, just like Froch and Kessler could as well, but the outcome whether it's here, over there or on the ****ing moon will most likely be the same.

At the end of the day if these fighters have as much heartburn over Ward fighting at home as their fans do, then Kessler and Froch should move on then. It's that simple. Besides if Ward can't sell a fight and these clowns can make so much more money fighting in their hometowns, then they should do so right?
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