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Default Re: Juan Manuel Marquez looking like a beast . . .

And with a sport like boxing where the risk and rewards can be so high, your career can be over in one fight, physical conditioning is so important and you can have zero faith in the testing it's not exactly surprising that people will take drugs to boost their performance. I mean, they do it in sports with far lesser rewards and with much stricter testing - why would boxers be any different?

That for me is the point that I never seem to be able to get a clear answer from by people who dismiss the prevalence of PEDS in boxing. If drugs use is sport is so endemic, as most experts in the the field believe it is, and competitors from other sports with far less risks to their health, with lesser rewards and where there is a far higher chance of getting caught still persevere and use drugs to boost their performance, what is it about boxers that make people think that the sport is exempt from these probems?
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