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Default Re: Cote vs Sakara

I still think Miragliotta is mostly to blame.

Heck Sakara and Miragliotta are both to blame, I just think the ref had the control (and plenty of time) and leverage to correct the situation, so he had a greater responsibility.

I think Sakara was really careless, but shots to the back of the head happen all the time. The ref saw them, and did nothing until it was too late, then stoped the fight after Cote was already TKO and he probably expected Sakara to get the win anyway.

Now that's world class ref douchery. In all seriousness, I don't think Miragliotta's a douche - I just think he froze and made a bad decision.

Which still doesnt make it right. But because of bad reffing, everybody loses.

Miragliotta's credibility is shot, Sakara loses, Cote gets an unwanted win (which by the way, the only way they could do "damage controll" on Miragliotta's bad judgement - was to rule it a no contest, but instead they gave Cote the win, making hometown judges - and Canada - look bad). And all the fans who came to watch a great match lost out too.

All in all, a ****py job at reffing and wrong call by judges in not ruling it a no-contest.
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