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Default Re: Adrien Broners win over Demarco is overrated

Originally Posted by IntentionalButt View Post
I agree with the OP, and this isn't revisionist. I've been consistently saying (since before Valero fought DeMarco) that Tony isn't and won't ever be ready for prime time.

He was getting schooled by Linares until the latter's flaws (and his own dogged perseverance, one of the tools that brings him close to being able to hang with the world class) gave him a perfect in.

Similarly, he dodged a bullet due to Adjaho's stupidity/cowardice in a match that could have easily wound up an L on his record otherwise. (to a B- level guy, no less)

Kid Diamond was shot.

His next best victories after those are nothing to suggest he's what many prop him up to be. He's an overachiever, and a product of lucky circumstances several times over. Easy to root for, spirit of a warrior and all - but no, he isn't and never was elite or even close.

Molina is rubbish.

Broner was always going to bat DeMarco around like a cat toy, and I said this from the moment it was signed.

This isn't about discrediting Broner (whom I admittedly do disdain) - it's quite the opposite. It's about recognizing that he's leaps and bounds above the ESPN level that DeMarco truly is.
I remember all the hype Demarco was getting before he fought Valero. I never understood it. Its more then obvious when you watch him that he isn't some elite fighter. Plus he doesn't even have a style. He started as a brawler then turned into a boxer but he was never good at either. Not he's stuck in the middle and seems lost in the ring.
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