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Default Re: Isn't it funny how most UFC fans don't like boxing, yet want to see more stand up

i forgot that its absolutely impossible for a person to like both sports, and that they have to choose one or the other.

i would believe that most mma/ufc fans like boxing, i'd be amazed if that isn't the case, tbh.
i love a good boxing match and have done for the last 40 years or so.

i've never compared the two because THEY ARE DIFFERENT SPORTS!!!

the boxing fans who use their time to go on and on about how they hate mma and how useless it is as opposed to boxing, are frightened.
it's because of their narrow-mindedness that they view mma as a threat.
they believe mma is taking away boxing fans. [remember, if you like both, you'll spontaneously combust, or **** yourself.]

mma will never be more popular than boxing, lets face it.
mma will never be an olympic sport either.
mma will never be able to pay their fighters the obscene amounts that some boxers get.
mma has less appeal to the general public, it will always be seen as 'cage-fighting' by some people.[and it doesn't have to.]
however mma will always have a good sized core base, and will continue to do quite nicely.

'who is your favourite, mccartney or lennon?'
ridiculous, just like that.
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