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Default Re: Kessler and Froch fans are pathetic!!

Originally Posted by TI99/4A View Post
Did you actually see any of the tournament? The proof was plain to see. If you want some kind of Watergate-style secret recordings of secret meetings hatching the diabolical plot, you're out of luck.

You just answered your own questions. If, as I suggested, the Super 6 was a vanity tournament, set up purely to build a reputation for Ward with the viewing public in order to try and increase the buyrate for fights involving him, then the organisers aren't in any danger of getting punished for achieving their mission objectives.

I already stated that's exactly what I do think, and I think it's fairly straightforward to arrive at such a conclusion by watching the fights. You haven't offered any logical reason to think otherwise - calling me "****ing dumb" doesn't cut it.

Blah blah, nothing of value was said here...

Who am I a fan of, exactly? If anything, Kessler may have more of a right to complain about his treatment in the S6 than Froch...but I don't even think Kessler is all that. Joe Calzaghe showed him up years ago, and he hasn't shown much progress since then. The problem is, I don't buy the Ward hype either - that's what grinds your gears.
So you expect people to buy into your bull**** conspiracy theory???

And if Kessler wasnt considered much as you're trying your best to pass off, why was the favorite going into the tournament??? You're trying your best now to rewrite history...Kessler was seen as a good fighter with the mechanics to win this tournament...Its easy to sit here now and say that Kessler was no good.

You're seriously sounding like a butthurt loser trying to pass of your conspiracy theory as if it actually happened. Ward won the tournament on skills and grit, not by the help of the guys that set the stage for the S6.

Be for real!
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