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Default Re: Adrien Broners win over Demarco is overrated

Originally Posted by elchivito View Post
Gamboa didn't exactly look too good against PDL either. PDL is still world class his blowout vs Juanma actually made him better no where near being a cab driver.

PDL only lost to the best and with the exception of the Lopez fight he gavem fits and was in those fights. I wouldn't be surprised if the more experienced PDL stopped the faster taller DeMarco in a fan friendly fight. I think DeMarco alil overrated and PDL alil underrated. PDL not the one dimensional lefty he was vs Lopez I think he proved that against Broner and Gamboa.

Just like Bautista isn't some tomato can, but DPDL made him look like one with a destruction as instantaneous as Lopez's of him a bit later.

When someone is caught cold and KO'ed in 1 once or twice in their career, it doesn't automatically define them as being a pushover. Khan, Linares, lots of guys have been blown out in the first three minutes only to come back and continue to make noise.

Sometimes one guy is a bad stylistic match-up for another, and is far more prepared on the night, and catches them cold with the right shot, and it's a perfect storm.

DPDL is a much better fighter than Rogers Mtagwa (and no less tough, in fact I'd say tougher), for instance, with whom JML went life and death - but you wouldn't necessarily know that by looking just at their common results on paper against JML.
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