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Default Re: will mark demori fight a real opponent in 2013??

Originally Posted by Totalpac View Post
No chance he will step up and fight someone with a pulse. Mark is just a blown up CW, way to short to be a HW champ
such a pathetic photo. but, its a picture of contrasts.

* mike screwed a woman so hard she went unconcious. demori gets knocked unconcious by girls....

* mike fought everyone and anyone. mark won't fight anyone.

* mike was brave, mark is a coward.

* mike was a champion. mark never will.

* mike is the real thing. mark is a pretender.

* mike beat most on his resume. mark wouldnt beat one of them. even now. as old as they are.

* mike was a legit heavyweight. mark is a roided up light heavy.

* mike was never ko'd by a light heavy. mark has been.

* mikes body was natural. marks is synthetic.

* mike was loved by millions. mark is disliked by the hundreds that have heard of him

* mike could fight. mark cant.

* mike had head movement. mark has none.

* mike made millions. mark is on the dole.

* mike doesnt post on boxing forums. mark does to get noticed.

* if mike knew the truth about demori i doubt he'd have his picture taken with him..
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