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Default Re: Stevenson V Oosthuizen for IBF SMW title?

Originally Posted by GrandSlam View Post
What a load of **** - didn't the whole rematch clause with Bute basically centre around the IBF that if Bute lost a debatable decision or something there was an immediate return? Even to the extent that there were rumours about Interbox having a say in Froch's interim fight in order to protect their interests in the belt?

Also - at what point does the rematch clause become void? Can't matchroom walk away from it if Interbox insist on another 'tune up'?

Genuine questions, does any know the real details of the rematch clause?
From what we heard from both camps, Bute can rematch Froch in March or later on in 2013 Summer(June/July/August). Froch, even tho at first sight looks like a waste of time to take again on the men you TKO5, strangely is not as reluctant as his fans for example to fight Bute again. He does says he want this and that, but after Bute. So I thing he actually want's to take the rematch out of the way faster and get going with whatever plans he's got. My intuition is that the contract probably says Froch is obligated to rematch Bute at the end of 2012 (in case if it was a close fight) or anytime during 2013(now the case). Heard something about team Bute actually fighting the winner of Froch vs TBA if Calr losses the belt in the process. Amazingly good deal thinking Froch might want to take on Ward or Kessler, it would be hard to start a deal with "if you beat me you need to fight Bute after". Probably a thing that keeps Froch from taking huge figths like that, and probably why he want's to take care of the rematch as soon as possible, and probably why he keeps saying that after his performance he thinks Bute doesn't want no part of it(rematch). A bit of hoping to from his part.
The deal Bute done is very solid, somehow rivals the deal Ward made in the tournament.
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