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Default Re: i enjoyed watching paul williams beating that cheating margarito's ass

I'm just sitting here in disbelief " The Punisher kicked Margarito's asss"????BULL****!!!!
It ended up a close fight which I believe Margarito won. Like someone said earlier Goosen knew that too & thats why they ducked a rematch.
To say or even hint that Margarito had loaded gloves in any fight is also mere speculation. Show me one iota of proof that he ever did. That bull**** in the Mosely fight was orchestrated by Nazim Richardson who blatently LIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The CSAC banned Margarito for 2 yrs yet all that was ever found in Margarito s wraps was a harmless old gauze pad. When asked to produce the " loaded wraps" surprise surprise The CSAC rep stuttered " Err Err we have mislaid them we dont know where they are " Started to stink aint it???
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