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Default Re: Steward and Bowe, instead of Lewis.

Originally Posted by ripcity View Post
He had Eddie Futch in his cornor. I don't think his trainer was his problem. While he had the talent to be great. In my opinion I'd take him over anyone on his best night. He might not have the mental makeup to be a long time champion. If his career was hurt by anyone it was Rock Newman. Who kept Bow from fighting Lewis when he was ripe for the taking, and set him up with lose cannon Andrew Golota. I suspect that under better management, a service Steward provided his career might have extended a bit longer. I do think he would be out of the picture by 2000 though.
Totally wrong.... Both Bowe & Rock Newman were scared ****less of Lennox Lewis. Both knew to fight Lennox as they'd signed to do would mean the golden goose would lay no more golden eggs. So they renaged on the contract. I asked Newman myself why they ducked Lewis & his reply was " why risk losing it all against Lewis when folk with buy Dokes, Ferguson etc with no risk"
I think Newman did a good job getting Bowe as far as he did. He knew Bowe did not have a champions heart or workrate so he milked him & made as many $$$$$$$ as he could.
Bowe had the best trainer he ever could have had In Eddie Pappa Smurf Futch. Eddie did his best with him but realised he did not have what it takes & severed all ties. If Bowe wouldnt do it for Eddie he wasnt gonna do it for anyone
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