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Default Re: Where did Manny Pacquiaos power go?

Originally Posted by the cobra View Post
He still hits plenty hard. As his speed of hand and foot has declined, the impact of his shots have decreased as has the frequency with which he lands them. They're easier to see coming now, as well. Still, he at least stunned JMM every once in a while in the 3rd fight when he caught him flush, rocked Bradley a few times, put Mosley on the canvas, and wobbled Margarito around the ring a few times. Manny was never this one-shot, destructive kind of puncher at 130 and up anyway. The Hatton KO was a lighting in a bottle kind of moment, literally a picture-perfect shot where everything lined up just right. Pretty much all of his ko's since stepping up from Featherweight have been of the accumulated punishment variety.

Perhaps more importantly, his last few outings have been against guys not exactly known for being easy to hurt, let alone stop.
Okay, but, problematically, if you're a blithering idiot, none of this nuanced answer can be understood. Therefore, you're wrong, Pooch****.
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