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Default Re: Steward and Bowe, instead of Lewis.

Originally Posted by divac View Post
I most certainly did, I lived the ****ing era!

You dont think Bowe had a good right hand? Come out with it, spit it out, dont hold back!

Bowe had power in both fists and unlike Lewis and Klitchko, could throw either hand with power from various distances, long, medium or short distance.
Its what gave Holyfield so many problems. You figure a fighter smaller than Bowe has to get inside his reach and work him inside.
Bowe had the ability to fight on the inside and throw short uppecuts with either hand and with power.
He worked the jab and kept distance. If you got inside that distance, he could do damage on the inside as well. A fighter with a size disadvantage could never find comfort zone with Bowe he could work at different distances.

When Holyfield did beat him in the rematch he beat him with speed and lateral movement. There is'nt a big man ever to handle speed and lateral movenment well. Bowe's loss to Holyfield had lots to do with Holyfields greatness as well as his own physical preparation.
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