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Default Re: Adrien Broners win over Demarco is overrated

I thought DeMarco would give a better account of himself. It was an impressive performance, and Broner did look very sharp, quick-handed, and powerful, especially on the inside. Broner put in an entertaining performance and his earned some respect from me.

However, he didn't look invincible or unbeatable. He still fights pretty flat-footed and doesn't demonstrate tremendous lateral movement, and isn't nearly as good off the ropes as Floyd is or as good as Broner himself thinks he is.

One other problem I noticed (should be fixable though) is how he leaves his mouth open and kind of leans forward into some of his harder punches. That might catch up with him eventually if he isn't careful.

Also, he's rapidly turning into Devon Alexander, adding sound effects with every punch. Made me dislike him even though I was entertained by his actual fighting style.
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