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Default Re: Trout vs Cotto - only a week away

Originally Posted by Francis75 View Post
What are everyones thoughts on Floyd these days. He is still class and hasn't been in any wars like Cotto/Marquez etc etc. Although he is still incredibly fast he doesn't just rely on this like Roy Jones may have. I could still see Floyd being dominant / around the best p4p until he is 40 or so like Bhop did. Thoughts ?
He has that rounded skillset that can see him compensate for his fading athletic ability.

And the man is a beast in the gym...His dedication in there ain't quite Bhop but he is never out of shape.

Who knows when he will pack it in mentally in really stop giving a ****...Nard wasn't earning that tremendous cream to he was well into his 30's but PBF has been flushed with the benjamins for many years now.

I'd like to see him fight a few more times...and defo against Poochiao..boxing could use a fight like that.
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