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Default Re: Kessler and Froch fans are pathetic!!


Originally Posted by BatTheMan View Post
I see more point in a Kessler rematch given the controversy of the first fight. Not so much a Froch return.
Fair enough. I respect your opinion.

They could but my guess would be that Dawson wanted to fight regardless and his team didn't have the guts to pull the plug likely because of money as I already said.
That's a strong possibility.

You believed Chad when he said he could easily make 168. I didn't.
Fair enough. I did buy into it. But like I say, it was on the basis of Chad's confidence and Shaw making the fight. I just don't think Shaw would have made the fight, even if he saw it as a 50/50 chance of Chad being strong and healthy. I believed that everyone involved with Chad, must have been confident that everything would be ok. Because if they weren't confident, it would be ridiculous for Shaw to have gone through with it. Chad is Shaw's investment at the end of the day. So maybe they all bought into it? I don't know. Hopefully we'll see Chad come back strong.

Will he be motivated to fight an alcholic? Listen. Kessler is the most dangerous opponent for Ward.
I think so. I think it's a good fight for him at this stage. He's only fought once in a year, so it keeps him active against a popular fighter in the U.S.

The promotion might be a success.

I respect your opinion regarding Kessler. He's a great fighter!

Regards, Loudon.

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